Essential Weight

Simply put, “strength training” is defined as “the use of resistance to create work for your muscles,” according to Hannah Davis, C.S.C.S., owner of Body by Hannah. That can refer to external weight over time, but for novices, it can also refer to your bodyweight—which is a terrific place to start.

Not only can you receive a great strength training workout with just your bodyweight, but bodyweight workouts are also very low-impact.


Pairing Cardio and Weight

Aim for a weight/rep combination that will offer you enough intensity for a hard workout with little rest. For maximum calories expended in the shortest amount of time, do frequent aerobic exercise of your choosing, with brisk jogging, quick cycling, and swimming preferable to walking.


Bodybuilder workout

Lawrence Ballenger wasn’t exactly looking to take the bodybuilding world by storm as a 6’170 pound adolescent, but the winds of change began to blow fiercely once he began researching what it took to become a bodybuilder. He began investigating the differences between a bodybuilder and a regular workout. This finally led him down the path of learning how to exercise like a bodybuilder and how to eat like one.